30 Years of Me | An Autobiography

30 Years of Me | An Autobiography

Today is my 30th birthday! I’ve long had a plan of making a sort of autobiography composed of several blog posts on this site. This week, after writing a bunch of new posts, I finished that goal.

This is not a complete account of my life, but I wanted to have at least one blog post about something that happened to me in each of my years alive so far.

This is obviously not all big events in my life so far, but rather a few snapshots. I’ll more than likely write posts about other memories sooner or later. But please, have a look at what I’ve written so far:

My Blogging Autobiography

0 years old: My Controversial Baptism | Pots & Pans & Portents

1 years old: Sailor SindrElf

2 years old: Danger Sledding

3 years old: Forgotten Friends

4 years old: Getting A Sister

5 years old: My First Trip to Paris

6 years old: My Cabin Trip to The Planet Hoth

7 years old: Boating With My Grandpa

8 years old: Moving & Memories

9 years old: Harry Potter and The Books That Made Me A Reader

10 years old: I Played Pokemon for so long that I was Reported Missing

11 years old: My First Trip to The Mediterranean

12 years old: Our Family Cat

13 years old: Getting Egged

14 years old: My Confirmation

15 years old: Discovering ‘Doctor Who’

16 years old: “Rafting” for Charity

17 years old: The Day I Thought My Actions Had Killed Me and My Sister

18 years old: Norwegian Russ Celebration | Glacier Hike

19 years old: My Year In The Norwegian Airforce

20 years old: InterRail 2010 – A Travelogue

21 years old: The Comedy Song Debacle

22 years old: Visiting San Diego Comic-Con International in 2012

23 years old: Visiting London As A Couple

24 years old: Visiting New York for the First Time

25 years old: Visiting My Grandmother in Ålesund

26 years old: Doctor Who and The Black Star

27 years old: First post! | Oslo In The Snow

28 years old: One Year of Blogging | My New Comic | Visiting Flåm

29 years old: Meet My Daughter | G.H. #1: Bees & Dolemite

30 years old: This post!

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