Sailor SindrElf

1 year old

In 1991, when I was one year old, my family brought me on a boat, and dressed me as a little sailor.


I was running around and enjoying myself, before eventually approaching a group of German tourists who were visiting Norway.

Naturally, I started dancing and showing off.

1 year old on boat


A little into my performance, another slightly older boy came up to me and pushed me over.

He had evidently seen all the attention I was getting, and gotten jealous.


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  1. Cute photo – now if you had been a sailor like “Popeye” and eaten your spinach, you’d have gotten up and smacked him down in a heartbeat. Hope you had the cartoon “Popeye” in Norway.

        1. I have not seen it that much, but there were a song about him that alle the kids used to sing.
          Probably just the Norwegian version of the theme, taught to the kids by the parents who had seen it.

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