Getting Help From My Mom

one year

A picture of my mother, and me at one year old, taken on the ferry between Molde and Vestnes in 1991.

I am currently looking through a bunch of old pictures to see if there are any I can use for posts about my childhood.


My mother is helping me a lot by snapping shots of her photo-albums and texting the pictures to me.

She’s also helping me fill in any gaps in my memory from the times the photos were taken.

And there are many gaps that needs to be filled, seeing how the bulk of what I am looking through at the moment are pictures taken between the first few weeks of my life up until I turned ten.


It may take some time to work all of these details out, but once I’m done it should lead to a lot of good posts about my childhood.

And beyond the blog, I think this may be good for me to do personally.

I have noticed that I remember less from my early childhood than my girlfriend does, probably because she moved less than me as a kid.

I think it will be good for me to refresh my memory about that time, and even just get to know some details from times that I have no chance of remembering.