InterRail 2010 – A Travelogue

In 2010, I spent almost the entirety of October on an InterRail trip through Europe.

I recently finished documenting the entire trip in a series of blog posts, which you can find linked below.

Happy trails! ..or train tracks, that is!

Part 1: From Bergen to Berlin

Part 2: Exploring Berlin

Part 3: Köln

Part 4: Amsterdam’s Cheese

Part 5: The Concert

Part 6: Exploring Amsterdam

Part 7: Traveling to England

Part 8: Stonehenge

Part 9: Cardiff

Part 10: Alnwick Castle

Part 11: Traveling to France

Part 12: Exploring Paris

Part 13: Nancy

Part 14: Brig

Part 15: Pisa

Part 16: Rome

Part 17: Venice

Part 18: Going Home

Fantasy Clickbait

I have been playing around with a clickbait title generator lately, and I wanted to share some of the funniest results with you.

I even wrote a joke-article based on one of them, and I welcome anyone to try to write something for one of the other headlines:

5 Ways Marketers are Making You Addicted to Dragons

The Rise of Wizards and How to Make It Stop

The Future of Goblins in 2019

Why You Should Give Up Sex and Devote Your Life to The Elder Gods

7 Things Kim Kardashian Has in Common With Liches

What the Government Doesn’t Want You to Know About Elves

Elemental Swords 101: The Essential Guide

3 Orcs Die Every Minute You Don’t Read This Article

If anyone writes an article to go with any of these headlines, let me know, so that I can link to it above.

Or if you can come up with other funny fantasy clickbait titles, I’d love to read them!