First Smiles & Deer Piss

First Smiles & Deer Piss

I smiled for the first time when I was six weeks old, in Haugesund.
It was during a roadtrip my parents had brought me on, while my dad was trying to sell deer piss to Norwegian hunters.

My father has always been quite enterprising.

He has tried to make his fortune by selling everything from condoms to hunting equipment.

He even acquired exclusive rights to sell some specific metal detectors and remote controlled camera submarines in Norway.

I have inherited some of that ambitiousness.

But where as he strived for success by getting exclusive rights to sell a specific product in a specific area, I am going a different route.

I am rather trying to create something original from scratch, like this blog, or my comic.

Our tactics may be different, but they are two sides of the same entrepreneurial coin.

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