Ant-Men and The Wasps

ant-men and the wasps ant-man & wasp ants marvel

Back in April, I stated that I had written something about each Marvel movie that had been released since I started this blog, and that I would try to continue doing so.

But while I enjoyed their most recent film ‘Ant-Man and The Wasp’, I could not find much to say about it.

ant-man-and-the-wasp flying ants

While the film had a lot of very fun action-sequences that utilizes the heroes size-changing abilities in incredibly creative ways, I liked the heist-movie parts of the first Ant-Man film much more than the story of the second film.


And since that is pretty much all I can think of to say about the movie, I figured I would write a bit about ants and wasps.





When I was (let’s say) six years old, I was out playing with some friends.

It was me, a neighbor-girl the same age as me, her older brother and one of his friends.


The older boys had found an upturned log and a large rock With a huge anthill in-between them, and they were jumping between the log and the rock.

Possibly in an attempt to impress the girl, or maybe just the older boys, I decided to join in.

One, or maybe more, tried to tell me that it was too far for me to jump, but I proudly insisted.

A second later I was up to my neck in biting ants.


I don’t remember entirely how I got home, but I imagine that the others just pushed me along.

One of my parents threw me in the shower to get rid of all the insects, who had gotten everywhere.


I never developed any strong phobia to bugs, but I do have a fear of heights.

Not sure if this is one of the causes.



yellowjacket nest_in_ground wasp wasps

Wasps are my least favorite pollinators, with bumblebees being my favorites.

Wasps are often incredibly aggressive, and easily drawn in by sweets.

I have been chased inside by wasps multiple times this summer, simply for daring to bring soda or berries with me out to the veranda.

And the glass-recycling outside my local store is teaming with wasps, as a result of people not washing their jars before throwing them in there.


But I do not have as much of an issue with wasps as my mother does, as she had a similar type of experience with wasps as I had with ants.

When she was six she stepped into a ground wasp nest.

Similarly to me, she got them everywhere, but when she got home a shower was not enough to take care of the problem.

A doctor had to make a home-visit, and pull out each of the stingers, one by one.


She understandably does not care much for the creatures.


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  1. I don’t remember it, but I also got into an ant hill as a baby… they were fire ants, known for their painful bite. My mom had to dunk me in some nearby water! This was a fun post for the movie 🙂

    1. The ones I fell in were red wood ants.
      They “pee” stinging defensive liquid into the wound after they bite, so we call them pee-ants in Norwegian.

      But I think fire ants are actually worse!

  2. They are a nasty surprise sometimes. I was about seven years old and stepped on a wasp that was poolside. I dove back into the pool. Then I had to walk back to the house over a mile…

      1. No it wasn’t but fortunately, children in summer often recover quickly. It is that or not make it back to the pool the next day… 😉

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