Gaming Backlog Countdown: 50!

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Back in April I wrote a post listing my backlog of 54 games I need to play before I feel like I can buy any more games.

I have since managed to make a little dent in my pile. So I decided to chronicle my journey to the bottom of it!



doom 2016 gaming backlog countdown

I already wrote a full post in which I covered DOOM 2016 pretty extensively. But it still bears saying how absolutely amazing this game is!

Here’s hoping that the sequel can live up to this awesomeness.


Bioshock 2: Minerva’s Den

Minerva’s Den

I never played the downloadable content for Bioshock 2 when it first came out, but I’m glad I went back to play this seven-year old DLC. Minerva’s Den is a marvel in gameplay and environmental storytelling.

The DLC takes place in the central computing of the failed underwater utopian city of Rapture. In it, you have to face the mechanical marvels and horrific people that were spawned there.


Thimbleweed Park

Thimbleweed Park

This point-and-click adventure game from 2017 was designed by Ron Gilbert and Gary Winnick. These two are legends who defined the genre in the 80s and 90s. They designed classics like ‘Maniac Mansion’ and ‘The Secret of Monkey Island’.

Point-and-click adventure games have long been declared dead by the big game industry, despite indie titles of the genre generally selling well.

So I am glad that this game was successfully funded on Kickstarter, as the charm and pixel-art of these kinds of games always gets me in a good mood.

This particular game is filled with meta-jokes, references and clever puzzles, a welcome reprieve from the wast majority of action-focused games.




This cyberpunk game is a mix between an action beat-em-up and a turn-based strategy game. You can at any time pause the combat to plan out the actions of the main character. She will then quickly dispose of your foes before you regain control of her in real-time.

The game is also a tragic love story between a woman with no voice and a man with no body. The man’s consciousness now inhabits the titular Transistor, a giant electric sword.



And now I only have fifty games to go!




Next up: Gaming Backlog Countdown: 45!

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  1. I have bought many games, even that I know I not have any patient to learn the games on pc. When I played PS with controller I played many different games as 5 of Tombraider that I manage to done all to the end. Resident Evil was also a favorite, think I managed 3 or 4 of them on PS. The only game I can play and still love to play is UT 2004. I have all games in the unreal series but 2004 is outstanding. Just so pity that the most people leave the game after a while. I even played in Clanbase for Sweden in Onslaught. After that I was manager for all Swedish teams in all games who was played in Clanbase. Unfortunately they shut down because of lack of money and volunteers. Did you play in Clanbase?

    1. I had not even heard about Clanbase, as I am not much of an online gamer.
      But that is very impressive 🙂

      1. When I started playing UT 2004, which was my first online game, I did not think it was fun to play offline. 10-15 years ago we only had Tiscali as a fiber supplier and that Italian company was crap! Interrupted the internet several times a week, then you could only play offline. Now we have 15 different ISPs to choose from.

        1. I enjoy playing Overwatch and Hearthstone online, but beside those I need a good story to get really involved with a game.

  2. Man i am so bummed that my pce broke and ive never been able to get a better one again. I love Bioshock, still need to do the DLCs and Infinity. Doom i have seen play throughs of, it looks more action than scary like the first one they made a remake of. I love me some horror games

    1. Man, I looooved Infinity 😀
      But more for the story than the gameplay.

      Doom 2016 has awesome gameplay.
      But not that scary, just gory.

    1. I hope we at least get a boss-battle against the cyborg Dr. Samuel Hayden, with his new demonic lasersword 😀

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