My Favorite Tim Minchin Songs

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Tim Minchin is an Australian musical comedian, usually performing with a grand piano, and sometimes with an entire orchestra.

In later years, he has won several awards for his Broadway musicals ‘Mathilda’ and ‘Groundhog Day’, but I will always associate him with his stage comedy.

Here are ten of my favorite songs of his, in no particular order.



A song about a word which has been used to put down a particular group of people for decades.


I’m in a Cage/Nothing Ruins Comedy

A song which looks askew at how fame and popularity can negatively impact an artists work.


Rock And Roll Nerd

This feels like Tim Minchin’s most autobiographical work, and I must say that I feel some kinship to him.

And that’s part of why I like him so much.


Not Perfect

A really sweet song about being happy with what you have.


5 Poofs and 2 Pianos

Minchin has sometimes been invited onto talk shows, and asked to come up With a New song for the occasion.

Here he is on the ‘Friday Night with Jonathan Ross’ show, attempting to ingratiate himself into the show’s house-band, ‘4 Poofs and a Piano’.


3 Minute Song

This song was made for Ruth Jones’ ‘Easter Treat’ show, and is an expression of Minchin’s frustration over having to restrict himself to fit into certain musical norms when performing on talk shows.



This is a song which seems like it has a horrible message, until you Reach the middle of it and realise what has happened.

I actually got told to turn it off after I put it on at work once, as the woman who asked me to turn it off was scared that other employees would get insulted.

Fair enough, as this could easily be misunderstood.


Song For Phil Daoust

This is a song that was written in response to a very negative review Tim Minchin got early in his career.

I used to wonder if this was a real occurrence or not. It turns out it was.


The Fence

A song about the value of not jumping to conclusions or believing everything at face value.


Dark Side

This is one of his longest songs, and it is epic!

It may be a faux attempt at being edgy and dark, but he still hits it out of the park.


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