WordPress Country List

From time to time, I like to take a look at the stats for my blog. It can be both fun and useful to see where my site visitors get referred from, and in which country I have the most readers. . But after looking at the information I was given, I started to wonder... Continue Reading →

The Point Of Growing Up

I saw some similarities between one of the pictures my mother sent me from when I was ten, and another my girlfriend took of me after a hike this summer, so I decided I would combine them into one image, alongside one of my favorite quotes from Doctor Who.   I am ten in the first... Continue Reading →

Quelaag Omelette

For this month's geeky recipe I decided to make a quail-egg omelette, based on the Chaos Witch Quelaag, a Dark Souls boss. . I have had this idea for over a year, but I had some trouble finding any quail eggs to buy. Luckily, I was finally tipped off about an exotic grocery story, where they had piles... Continue Reading →

Sailor SindrElf

In 1991, when I was one year old, my family brought me on a boat, and dressed me as a little sailor.   I was running around and enjoying myself, before eventually approaching a group of German tourists who were visiting Norway. Naturally, I started dancing and showing off.   A little into my performance, another slightly... Continue Reading →

‘Cool Partrol’ is cool y’all!

The fourth Ninja Sex Party album (sixth with their cover albums) released last friday. After listening to it on repeat well over ten times, I have a few thoughts I’d like to share.   1. Intro (Cool) I figured that the best way to go about this is to just go through the whole track-list,... Continue Reading →

Getting Help From My Mom

I am currently looking through a bunch of old pictures to see if there are any I can use for posts about my childhood.   My mother is helping me a lot by snapping shots of her photo-albums and texting the pictures to me. She's also helping me fill in any gaps in my memory... Continue Reading →

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