My Wild Quail Chase!


For the last week I have been desperately looking for eggs from quail, but to no avail.

Sorry for the rhyme…


November is coming to a close, and I have yet to post this months edition of SindrElf’s Monthly GEEKY RECIPE.

I have had an idea for a nerdy quail-egg omelette for a long time now, long before I started this blog, so I figured now was the time to finally make it a reality.

And as promised; today I am either going to share the recipe, or the reason why I can’t share the recipe. (Spoiler: It’s the latter.)


One day after work, I started looking in an organic store where I knew I had seen quail-eggs before.

Me and my girlfriend had actually bought some there in 2014, and made a mini-dish out of each of the tiny eggs. Tiny poached egg, tiny fried egg, tiny omelet, and so on.


But when I asked in the register, I was told they had not had any in a while. But the cashier informed me of a local supermarket that often had some unusual items like that.


So I went to that supermarket and asked in the fresh-foods section if they had any quail-eggs.

I was informed that while they had none at the moment, they would happily put in an order for me, unless I wanted to check at a local deli he knew about where I probably could get it that evening.

Great! Then I could check there first, and if that did not work out, I could just have the supermarket order some!


So I ran off to the deli. At this point it was getting a bit late and I had to get home soon so I could start making dinner for my girlfriend, as she was working late that day.

After around ten minutes of looking, I finally found the deli!

“We closed five minutes ago.”


So the next day after work, I asked the deli cashier if they had any quail-eggs.

“No, but our sister-location a few streets down may have some.”

I did not ask what time the sister-location usually closed.


So I asked the deli cashier at the sister-location if they had any quail-eggs.

“No, and we have not gotten any in quite some time. We think the woman who usually sell them to us has had to change out her birds. Quails only lay eggs for a certain amount of time, then you have to get new ones.”

I thanked her for the info, and went back to the supermarket.


There I handed over my phone number, so they could contact me the next day to inform me if the order would be possible.

It would not.


But they did inform me about a local farm I could contact.

I looked it up online, and it turned out they were located in walking-distance from my apartment, and their name was pretty much “The Quail Manufacturer” translated from Norwegian!



Having learned my lesson (finally), I sent an SMS to check if they had any eggs.

“No, sorry. I’m gonna have to change that website.”


My final chance was a farmers marked that was supposed to take place tomorrow.

It has now been canceled, due to terrible weather…



I’m sure I’ll happen upon those quail-eggs some day, but for now I have decided upon a few other cool recipes I can make in the meantime.

Some that don’t require one very specific ingredient to even be possible 😛


Have you ever tried quail-eggs? If not, would you like to?


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