In Norway we Trick-or-Treat on New Year’s Eve


If you are ever in Norway on Halloween, and you (or your kids) try trick-or-treating, you may be sorely disappointed.

You will most likely be met with a note saying “If you want candy, come back on New Year’s Eve!”


This is due to the old Norwegian tradition called “Nyttårsbukk“. The name means “New Year’s Ram”, but that name is not very descriptive of what actually occurs.

The name is likely linked to The Yule Goat, but the tradition itself is a mix of trick-or-treating and caroling.

On New Year’s Eve, Norwegian children dress up in costumes, goes door to door singing Christmas-songs, and gets candy in return.


There are many people in Norway who don’t like Halloween, as they feel that it is both American culture intruding on Norwegian culture, and that children just use the holiday as an excuse to get more candy (even if they don’t care about the holiday itself).


I always buy candy for both holidays just in case, as I don’t want to disappoint the kids.

And if nobody comes, more candy for me!



Are there any unusual traditions where you come from?

Mutually Assured Distractions


Christmas is now over for me, and I’m back at work. Only a three-day work-week before new-year’s, so I won’t complain 🙂

But I did have a fun present experience this year, that I would like to share with you.


As me and my partner were spending the holiday apart, at each of our families, we opened each other’s presents together on the 23.

My gift to her was a SNES Classic Mini, the newly re-release of the classic Super Nintendo Entertainment System. It included 21 games, some I knew she loved as a child, and some I knew she had wanted to try.

My girlfriend is not the biggest gamer, but she do sometimes get into it. We have played some stuff together, the kinds of games that can have two players. Or games that are entertaining to watch, aswell as play.

I figured this was a pretty good gift.


But as we brought out our packets, I started to get my suspicions.

Her gift to me was giant and soft, as if she had wrapped a duvet. And I was pretty sure she had not gotten me a duvet.

“Hey, do you think we may have gotten each other the same gift?” I said. She seemed horror-struck by the idea.


She was the first to unwrap, and seemed very happy. Then it was my turn.

Sure enough, a duvet. And inside…another Nintendo! But not a SNES.. A Switch, the newest console on the market (worth about double of what I paid for her gift).

I must say, her poker-face when opening her gift was commendable.


Did you get, or give, any good gifts?