Doctor Who and The Black Star


About a year ago, I wrote a script for a Doctor Who comic-book where the titular alien time traveler The Doctor from the BBC tv-show, meets the music legend David Bowie, and then they battle robots with sick guitar-jams!

The idea started as a painting I had ordered as a Christmas gift for my girlfriend, and that painting became page 8 of the comic, a sort of retroactive splash-page.

I then ordered a more comic-book style for page 7 from the artist, in the hope that I could pitch this to Titan Comics as an official DW-Comic.

I was pretty naive to think that I could start my writing career writing for Doctor Who 😛


Obviously nothing ever came of it, so here is the script. Just click and read 😉

Here it is in plain text, if you find it hard to read with the pictures behind the text.



I have now moved on to write this mystery comic-book project, and John Barry Ballaran will be the artist on that aswell.

More on that soon!

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