My First Trip to The Mediterranean

For Norwegians, the Mediterranean is one of the most common holiday travel destinations.

It is such a common destination for us that we have a shorthand for everything around that area. “Syden” directly translated just means “the south”. But for us it just refers to the area around the Mediterranean, despite almost everywhere being south of Norway.

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Attending Culinary School

I attended my second (and last) year of culinary school during the 2007-2008 school-year, when I was 17.

During the first year we had been taught a bunch of general skills in the food service industry. For the second year, we had to choose a specific field. Chef, waiter, or baker. I chose to become a chef.

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Our Family Cat

When I was 12, in the late summer of 2002, my mother got a cat for our family.

She had paid for an orange British Shorthair kitty. She had intended to attend a yearly cat show that was held in walking distance from our home.

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