One Year of Blogging

sindrelf flower one year of blogging

Tomorrow marks the first anniversary of when I published my very first blog post!

I have been posting three days a week for a year, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, resulting in a whopping 157 posts, including this one.


I am going to continue with this schedule out the month of October, but after that I might cut back, at least a little.

I have started working at a new location, and I hope to start posting my new comic here very soon, so those changes in my life is enough of a strain to make three posts each week difficult to accomplish.

I am glad I was able to stick with it for a year, and I feel some kinship to the musician Jonathan Coulton, in how he recorded one new song each week for a year for his Thing-A-Week project, even if that must have been considerably harder than what I have done.

quill and parchment

I would like to thank everyone who reads my posts.

It is heartening to see that my work is not wasted, so thank you!


I would also like to thank my girlfriend for being so cool about me spending a lot of time on this project, and for being my spellchecker.

She’s the best!

Old black vintage typewriter

Considering how I started my blog on Friday the 13th last year, I think it has been a rather successful venture.

I have written some things that I am very proud of, and I don’t think most of them would exist today if I hadn’t committed to a schedule.


If you would like to check out some of my better posts from this last year, I have gathered a few links here.

Enjoy 🙂


InterRail 2010 – Part 15: Pisa


Later the same evening that I had left Brig, I arrived in Milan, Italy.

I did not get to see much of that city, as I was soon on a train to Florence, where I took in on a hotel near the station, and left on the first train in the morning, so I did not get to see much of that city either.

I was headed toward Rome, but decided to take a detour through Pisa while I was in the neghbourhood.


As soon as I arrived, I headed straight for the Leaning Tower.

I knew the general direction, and I figured it would stick out enough for me to spot it easily.


I ended up wandering for quite some time before I saw the Leaning Tower jutting out at the end of a street.



I arrived just before they were closing, so I just barely managed to buy a ticket.


I had not dared going up the Eiffel Tower on this trip, but I was determined that I would not let my fear of heights stop me again, particularly because this tower was much smaller, and did not look that crooked to me.


As soon as I started ascending the stairs, the tower started to seem much more crooked.


I just about managed to get to the top before I had hurry down to ground level again.


As I strolled back to the train station along the Arno River, I was happy that I had made myself go up there.



I took a room when I arrived in Rome, and readied myself for another day of new experiences.


InterRail 2010 – Part 14: Brig

brig switzerland

After having a quick stop in Nancy, I left France for the mountainous vistas of Switzerland.


I had a quick change of trains in Bern, but it was in the middle of the night, so I did not get to see anything there.

I was now in the latter half of the month, and wanted to get quickly down to Italy so that I would have time to explore before having to head back home.


When I arrived in the small alpine town of Brig even later that night, it turned out that the next train to Italy would not get there before evening the next day, so I had no choice but to stay.

And I am glad I got that opportunity, because Brig is beautiful!


I spent my day there relaxing, something that probably served me well before arriving in Italy.

After doing a bit of exploring and photography, I found a nice café where I sat down to eat and read for a while.


As I was traveling with just a small backpack, I also had to find a place that could wash my dirty laundry.

I was given directions to some older women who ran a washery out of a cellar, and they took care of it for me.

This would be the last of three times I had to take care of that on my trip, having previously taken advantage of a laundromat in Amsterdam and hotel services in Newcastle.


While I was there, I discovered where Santa spends his days during the off-season.



I also found it a bit amusing the this workout studio’s mascot was a weird red-spotted cow.



When my time there was drawing closer, I picked up my backpack from the hotel I had stayed at, picked up my washed and dried clothes, and got a last good look at the amazing view.

Then I hopped on a train headed for Milan.