Printing & Shipping my first batch of Comic Books

Anubis: Dog of Death #1 Prints - Comic Book Kickstarter Rewards

In February 2020 I successfully funded my first comic book Kickstarter campaign for Anubis: Dog of Death. Then in June and July came the time for fulfillment. Printing and shipping the rewards to all my backers.

For the digital rewards, I simply uploaded a PDF of the comic and sent a link to it for people to download. I just sent this link to all the backers’ Kickstarter inbox. That link should be up pretty much forever, in case they don’t get around to it immediately.

Then I had to find a printer.

Print Ninja looked interesting, but had a lower limit of orders that were much higher than what I needed for my relatively modest first Kickstarter performance. They could be someone to look into for my next order.

I went with Mixam, and I am very happy with the quality of their prints. They’re located in Britain, so the shipping costs to Norway were bearable, even if I also had to pay a toll fee I hadn’t thought about on delivery.

Anubis: Dog of Death #1 Prints - Kickstarter Rewards - Baby Reading Comic Books

My baby daughter really enjoyed reading her copy of the comic, looking at the colors and listening to the sound the pages made as she turned them.

It’s so weird to think about how she was not even born when I was running the Kickstarter campaign.

Anubis: Dog of Death #1 - Printing & Shipping my first batch of Comic Books

Here’s everything we needed for sending the comics out to everyone. You’re looking at $580 worth of stamps to the right there!

The most time-consuming bit was to fill out the customs declaration for nearly fifty envelopes. That coupled with the postage costs made me decide to use a printer with fulfillment services on the next campaign.

Printing & Shipping my first batch of Comic Books

On the 16th of July 2020, my first batch of comic books were on their way to their new owners!

I really enjoyed that a few of the backers let me know when they had received their copy of the comic. Some through the comment section on Kickstarter, some through Twitter:

We are launching a Kickstarter for Anubis: Dog of Death #2 on September 8th 2020!

Go check it out!

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