Top 5 Songs from ‘MoS: Level 11’

Top 5 Songs from ‘MoS: Level 11’

A few years ago, I shared my favorite song from each ‘Miracle of Sound’ Level album.

I’ve since made a Top 5 or 10 list for each album (depending on how big the album was).

Gavin Dunne has now released his eleventh Level album, so I’m here to give it the same treatment as I did for the previous ones!

5. A Long Year

2020 was an incredibly hard year for a huge amount of people. This somber song works as a cathartic funeral dirge for the most chaotic year in recent history.

4. Big Guts And Bigger Guns

This is a follow-up to the Doom 2016 metal song Hell To Pay from Level 7, inspired by its sequel Doom Eternal.

Just like the games they are based on, these songs are violently adrenaline-fueled and metal as all hell!

3. When Forever Comes

This is a beautiful ballad about everyone’s favorite video game martyr, Aerith from Final Fantasy VII. The song was inspired by the release of Final Fantasy VII Remake in 2020, and was sung by singer-songwriter Sharm in character as Aerith.

2. The Tale Of Cú Chulainn

An epic folk metal song about the Irish mythological figure Cú Chulainn. I’d actually never heard about Cú Chulainn before I heard this song, and I’m very happy that has been rectified now.

Old Irish culture and folk tales reminds me of many my own native Norway’s myths, while being different enough to also feel interesting and exotic. I also think Irish and Celtic music is really fun to listen to, as it’s so energetic and optimistic.

1. Liquid Nights & Disco Lights

Disco Elysium is one of the best games to come out in a while, and likewise this song based on it is one of Gavin Dunne’s best songs in a while. And he’s been making great songs lately, so that’s high praise.

The song covers a lot of the themes presented in the game, but is also incredibly catchy. Doing research for this post, I’ve been dancing around my living room with my baby on my arm, while she’s tapping the beat of the song on my head.

The lyrics and music come together to a mix of joy and sadness, in much the same way Disco Elysium itself does.

You can buy the full album here!

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