Top 5 Songs from ‘MoS: Level 7’

Back in February, I shared my favorite song from each ‘Miracle of Sound’ album.

This proved to be very difficult, as there are so many great songs there!

So I have decided to make a Top 10 or Top 5 list for each album, depending on how big the album is to begin with.


5. Mother Of Flame

A song about one of my favorite ‘Game Of Thrones’ characters, Daenerys Targaryen.

The Unburnt, The Breaker of Chains and The Mother of Dragons!


4. Hell To Pay

I love this song for many of the same reasons I love DOOM, the game this song was based on.


3. Get The Gang Back

‘Overwatch’ has in many ways captured the spirit of good character-based cartoons like ‘The X-Men’, and this song would be a great theme-song if they ever were to make this an actual television program.

I would so watch that!


2. The Path

Another song based on ‘The Witcher 3’, this one focusing on the ‘Blood and Whine’ expansion pack, the end of Geralt’s journey in the games.

An ending I prefer over his ending in the books.


1. The Man Who Rocked The World

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Top 5 Songs from ‘MoS: Level 6’

Back in February, I shared my favorite song from each ‘Miracle of Sound’ album.

This proved to be very difficult, as there are so many great songs there!

So I have decided to make a Top 10 or Top 5 list for each album, depending on how big the album is to begin with.


5. Don’t Say A Word

I have yet to play any games in the Metal Gear Solid series, so this song does not have any familiarity to something I like to help it ingratiate itself to me, like a lot of other songs by this artist.

I simply enjoy the song, nothing more to say than that.


4. Lady Of Worlds

In this song about The Witcher 3’s main female character Ciri, Gavin gives away most of the singing-duties to Ailin Kennedy.

As with all his other Witcher songs, this one is also great.

I look forward to CD PROJEKT RED!’s next game ‘Cyberpunk 2077’, if only to hear the songs it will inspire Gavin Dunne to make.


3. Road Rage

I love the movie this song was based on, and I think it is a modern action-classic.

The song fits the movie’s focus on the metal of cars and bullets perfectly, while also touching on the heart of the film, motherhood.

Guns and gas and gods!


2. London Town

While I have played a lot of games in the Assassin’s Creed series, I have not played Syndicate, the game this song was based on.

One of the reasons that I really like this particular song is that I used to be a huge anglophile during my teens, probably helped on by my love for Doctor Who and Harry Potter.

And while I am not quite as crazy about Britain as I was back then, I still love it.


1. Friends





If you liked this music, you can

buy the album here!

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Book Report: ‘The Last Wish’

I just finished reading ‘The Last Wish’ by the Polish writer Andrzej Sapkowski.

The book is a collection of several short stories about the witcher Geralt of Rivia, a traveling monster hunter for hire.


Like all witchers, Geralt was trained extensively from a young age, and forced to undergo several mutations to transform his body and mind into the ultimate weapon against ghouls, vampires, giants, and other monsters.

The witchers utilise magical signs in combat, consume elixirs to gain an extra edge, and carry two swords on their backs. Silver for monsters, steel for humans.

The mutations also caused him to lose all body pigmentation, earning him the nickname The White Wolf.


But these mutations also cause the common folk to distrust the witchers, almost as much as the monsters they hunt.

When they are needed, people call upon them. When they are not, people shun them.


Despite his gruff outer shell, it becomes apparent that Geralt is much deeper than it seems at first glance.

In fact, things not being what they first appear seems to be a recurring theme in all these witcher stories.

From certain monsters being more kind than the people who fear them, to the way Sapkowski twists classic fairytale tropes.


Since this book has seven separate stories, I figured I would write a little about each:


The Voice of Reason

This is the framing story for the rest of the book.

During this, Geralt thinks back at certain events in his life, which we get to read as short stories.

There is a sense of regret to this story, as if Geralt wishes he had spent his life differently.


The Witcher

Geralt has to cure a cursed princess, by surviving a night in her tomb.

But before that he has to navigate the politics of the court, avoid angering the king and figure out who cursed the princess in the first place.


A Grain of Truth

In a twist on the ‘Beauty and The Beast’ story, Geralt finds a monstrous looking man living in a mansion in the middle of the forest.

The man believes that he will be freed from his curse if he finds true love, and has consequently paid off several men throughout the years, in exchange for a year of their daughters lives.

When Geralt arrives, he figures out that the latest beauty living with the man is a blood-thirsty vampire.


The Lesser Evil

In this twist on the ‘Snow White’ story, a wizard attempts to hire Geralt to kill a “monster”, a woman he had once hurt, justifying his acts with the claim that she had been born under the Curse of the Black Sun.

She had escaped as a girl, and went on living with a thieving band of seven gnomes. But now she was back for revenge.

This woman later attempts to hire Geralt aswell, to kill the wizard.

This leaves Geralt in a moral predicament, while trying his best to stay out of it all.


A Question of Price

Geralt is hired by a queen to pose as a nobleman at one of her swanky dinner parties. But she will not let him know why..

The party is being held to find a suitor for the young princess of the kingdom.

But it soon turns out that she is already taken.


The Edge of the World

This story uses elves as an allegory for real native people of various colonized areas, but mixed with the sense of superiority elves are often represented with in fantasy.

The story sees Geralt and his poet friend Dandelion getting captured by a group of elves. The bound witcher tries to bargain with the elf leader to let them go, while at the same time scolding them for not trying to live in peace with the humans.

The elf leader compares the situation with a louse trying to get a person to share their coat with the lice.


The Last Wish

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The Best ‘Miracle Of Sound’ Songs

I recently rediscovered one of my favorite musicians, Gavin Dunne, aka Miracle Of Sound.


I usually spend my listening-time on podcasts, but when I am in the mood for music, I like stuff that has lyrics worth paying attention to.

That often means comedy or musicals (e.g. Hamilton), but Miracle Of Sound also fits in that category.

Gavin Dunne often takes a video game, movie or tv-show, and makes a song based on it. The lyrics always reflects the events and spirit present in the works he draws on, in a very interesting way.

I like all his music, but I love the songs based on something I am familiar with the most, as those hit me in a way that the ones based on works I don’t know could not.


I have here tried to find my favorite song out of each of his main albums (the ones named “Level #”), while also trying to keep my choices as diverse as his various music styles.

If you like this stuff, you can buy his albums here!

Here goes!


Level 1: Sovngarde Song

“Level 1” has the most tracks out of all of these albums, so this was a very hard choice to make. ‘Sovngarde Song’ presents the awesomeness that is Skyrim, the fifth Elder Scrolls game.

This is a more recent remaster, but it is still the same song, so I felt that would be ok.

Top 10 Songs from Level 1


Level 2: Take It Back!

This was a song he got to make as promotion for Mass Effect 3, back before that game came out.

Such a good war-anthem, pumping you up to reclaim Earth from The Reapers!

Top 5 Songs from Level 2


Level 3: Dream Of The Sky

Listening to this song again is what gave me the idea to write this whole thing.

The song has so many aspects, just like Bioshock Infinite itself!

Top 5 Songs from Level 3


Level 4: Forever Blue

Both a deep dive into the psychology of the main character of Breaking Bad, Walter White, AND a pun on the color of the meth he makes.

Good stuff!

Top 5 Songs from Level 4

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