Top 10 Songs from ‘MoS: Level 1’

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Back in February, I shared my favorite song from each ‘Miracle of Sound’ album.

This proved to be very difficult, as there are so many great songs there!

So I have decided to make a Top 10 or Top 5 list for each album, depending on how big the album is to begin with.

This first one was quite big.


10. Sweet L.A.

A tribute to the 1947 neo-noir setting of ‘L.A. Noire’s Los Angeles.

Detectives, killers, mobsters and Hollywood hopefuls!


9. Trip To Vegas

A fun song based on a fun game, ‘Fallout: New Vegas’.

Where do you go to get away from the hustle and bustle of your post-nuclear life in the wasteland?

New Vegas, that’s where!


8. Wasteland Soul

While the last song was a celebration of the fun you can have in the ‘Fallout’ series, this song based on ‘Fallout 3’ is more focused on the beauty you can find in the wasteland.

The song is appropriately more beautiful aswell.


7. Age Of The Dragon

A powerful rock anthem about the main character of the fantasy role-playing game ‘Dragon Age 2’.

I have never played this game, but the song gives me a good idea of how badass this Hawke must have been in it.


6.The Mind Of The Bat

Based on ‘Batman: Arkham Asylum’, this song is filled with puns based on characters in the Batman mythos.

The song is fun beyond that, but I really like puns ;P


5.The Grind

Blood pumping awesomeness, just like the gameplay of “Gears of War 3′.

And beyond that, there are some really sweet moments in there aswell.


4. The New Black Gold

Based on the 2011 cyberpunk action role-playing game ‘Deus Ex: Human Revolution’, this song tackles themes of transhumanism.

Should we use technology to augment ourselves, and who gets to enforce and control that technology when it is a part of our bodies?


3. Redemption Blues

Like ‘Red Dead Redemption’, the game this song is based on, Gavin Dunne is here tackling themes around the end of the frontier times.

Where does a man shaped by violence and strife fit into a more modern civilized world?


2.Commander Shepard

This song is cheesy to the extreme, just like ‘Mass Effect 2’.

And that’s why I love it!


1. Sovngarde Song




There were very few songs that were easy to not choose for this list, so I may have to make a post of honorable mentions somewhere down the line.

A few of the songs actually made me feel guilty for not choosing them!

If you liked this music, you can buy the album here!


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    1. I’m glad you liked them aswell 🙂
      I’ll soon share many more songs by ‘Miracle of Sound’, and other artists, in Music Monday posts.

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