The Art of John Barry Ballaran

Incandescent Priest

John Barry Ballaran is a 2D digital artist based in the Philippines, specializing in drawing and painting character art.

Dark Souls, ‘Prepare To Die’

He has worked as an in-house artist for several studios in the past, with jobs ranging from creating background art for games; animating sprites; designing logos; arranging wedding album layouts; drawing traditional portraiture, creating print ads and storyboards for advertisements – basically any job that comes up to help pay the bills.


Nowadays, he is trying to make a name for himself as a full-time freelancer and is currently fully invested in exploring the storytelling power of comics, and hopes to tell his own stories through the medium someday.

He is, in fact, the artist for the comic I’m writing.

One of the things he is most known for is his many movie poster paintings.

The Terminator

Scarface, ‘Money, Power, Women’

Alien 3, ‘Part Of The Family’

Mad Max: Fury Road, ‘Shiny and Chrome’

Reservoir Dogs, ‘Bubblegum Pop’

But he has also been featured in fantasy art collection books, like Spectrum 25!

Want to learn more about John?

Then check out this post about the first time we worked together, or this article featuring some of his older paintings.

You could also check out his website, where you can commission some art from him.

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    1. Yeah! And Dark Souls 1 & 2 are such great games! 😀
      DS3 and Bloodborne are on my backlog. They look really good as well.

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