Panel Highlight – The Gods | Anubis: Dog of Death #2

Panel Highlight - The Gods | Anubis: Dog of Death #2 Kickstarter

The Kickstarter for Anubis: Dog of Death #2 is in full swing, so I wanted to show off some cool details from what we have of Issue #2 so far. We might as well start off at the very start, with panel one of page one.

When I wrote the issue, I asked John to draw various Egyptian gods of his choosing behind Anubis and Ra’s conversation. In his own words, here’s who he chose:

“1. IHY. Child god; god of music (that’s why he’s in front of the band).

2. BASTET/BAST. Goddess of cats, protection, etc.

3. APEP. Chaos god. Appears as a giant snake, but I gave him human form with dreadlocks instead (his hair’s supposed to symbolize snakes like Medusa’s).

4. BES. Protector of households, etc. Looked like a troll or dwarf in the references. Just gave him glowing tattoos for added effect.

5. NUT. Goddess of the sky. Was just looking for a purple or blue-colored god to make colors interesting and a picture of her came up.

6. SOBEK. Crocodile god; fertility, death, burial god, etc.

7. HAPI. Nile god; water, fertility god. Portrayed as blue, big-bellied with drooping chests.

8. I kinda just invented those two gods in the pool that have their backs to the reader. Random gods for fill-in.”

John Barry Ballaran

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