Super Angry Anubis

Here's a leftover frame that we did not end up using for the Reaction GIF that John Barry Ballaran made, based on Anubis from Anubis: Dog of Death. The GIF worked better with Anubis smiling smugly, than with him looking super angry. But I still like this expression for him, so I wanted to let... Continue Reading →

Chloe Concept Art

These are some early pieces of concept art for Chloe from Anubis: Dog of Death. Chloe is a Hollywood Hopeful, and Anubis' new owner. We went through a few different designs for Chloe's outfit during the pre-planning stage of making the comic. Here we wanted to try incorporating some Egyptian-style jewelry in her outfit. This felt... Continue Reading →

Work In Progress GIF for Page Fourteen of Anubis Gets Adopted

This is a work-in-progress GIF. It features the different stages John Barry Ballaran took in creating the artwork for the fourteenth page of Anubis: Dog of Death Part One, Anubis Gets Adopted. Anubis reflects on meeting some new friends. Check out our comic’s Patreon and Line Webtoon page. And follow SindrElf and jbballaran on Twitter for alerts to the next GIF, article, or piece... Continue Reading →

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