How To Get A Cameo in Anubis: Dog of Death #2

How To Get A Cameo in Anubis: Dog of Death #2

Here’s a sketch of page five of issue #2, with all available cameo characters on that page marked with red.

Back the comic on Kickstarter to be drawn as a cameo!

Here’s what the cameos look like when completed.

This is me and my partner on the left, and John and a friend of his on the right. You can find us on page nine of issue #1.

You can get drawn into the comic by choosing (or upgrading to) the $100 Cameo reward, or the $150 Collector Pack reward. At the time of writing, there are 19 Cameo rewards left, but only 3 Collector Pack rewards.

There is also the $200 Guest Star reward level, where you can lend your likeness to one out of three security guards actively chasing down Anubis through several pages in the comic. Each guard has at least one line of dialogue. One of the three guards have already been spoken for, so only two remain.

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