More Cameos in ‘Anubis: Dog of Death’

More Cameos in 'Anubis: Dog of Death'

Last week I wrote about the Blame Society Films cameos on the ninth page of Anubis: Dog of Death.

This time, I want to point out this panel on the same page. On a table outside of a café, you can see four more people from our real world. Enjoying some coffee and cake in the world I made up.

From left to right you can see me, my girlfriend, the artist John Barry Ballaran, and a friend of his.

On the next panel, you can see a sign labeled SindrElf’s Barbershop.

This is a reference to my online username SindrElf, and the logo is the logo I made for my website when I started blogging back in 2017.

I like to imagine that if we ever see this location in the comic again, SindrElf’s Barbershop will have bought out and merged with the restaurant next door, creating SindrElf’s Barbershop & Restaurant. I think it would be quite funny too see people sitting on tables outside, eating fancy food and getting their hair cut at the same time.

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