Jonathan Coulton’s Horror Songs

jonathan coulton monsters halloween horror songs code_monkey_save_world by jessica kholinne

As we are closing in on this year’s Halloween, I wanted to share some of my favorite songs with themes fitting for this holiday.

Turns out almost all of them were Jonathan Coulton songs!


I hope you will enjoy this collection of tunes, and that it can help you if you ever need to make a Halloween party playlist.




Re: Your Brains

A douchey email from a zombie middle-manager trying to hash out a deal with the remaining human leadership.

His proposal; They eat our brains, but no one’s gonna eat our eyes.

Seems fair.


Creepy Doll

A creepy doll is following you everywhere, judging your every action.


Skullcrusher Mountain

A romantic song about an evil mastermind, and his love for his new prisoner.

It is not worth causing the end of the world if you don’t have anyone to share it with.


Future Soon

A sad song about a heart-broken teen who will grow up into a cybernetic genius with a robot army.


Blue Sunny Day

The tragic tale of a depressed vampire, mourning his lost love.


Don’t Feed the Trolls

The scaries subject covered by Coulton yet – internet trolls.

I can barely imagine a more horrible group of monsters.




IT is fine. IT is great!

it is fine it is great

I recently saw both the 1990 version and the 2017 version of IT, the movies based on Stephen King’s 1986 horror novel.

While the 2017 IT was an immediate breakout hit, the 90s version is mostly remembered for Tim Curry’s portrayal as Pennywise the Dancing Clown.

it 1990 tim curry pennywise

But while I found both versions of the story to be very compelling, I have seen people online who have criticised the 1990 version for not being as scary as they remembered from when they were children, and even that the story did not make any sense.

This is baloney.


One of the major complaints is that Pennywise seldom tries to hurt the main characters, but instead just scares and teases them. But this is not a fault in the story, but rather a feature.

it 1990 pennywise

The monster It is a being with psychic powers that lives under a small Maine town called Derry.

It manipulates people (mostly children) into seeing their worst fears, and uses its powers to lure people into the sewer system in which it resides.

It merely projects an image of Pennywise the Dancing Clown to interact with its intended victims, but cannot physically harm them until he has manipulated them to move to a location where he can reach them.


This is a much more interesting dynamic than just another mindless monster attacking hikers in the woods.

The monster instead employs psychological warfare to get its prey to hike to it.