Writing Inspiration #1 – Art

Year Of The Writer by Julie Dillon

This week (and some of next) I want to make a short blog-series about the various things that inspire me when I write.

Since I’ve already gone into great detail about how the art of Theodor Kittelsen have inspired me, I figured this was a good place to start.


Visual stimuli are great to get the creative juices flowing!

Unlike movies, there is not always a clear story behind a painting that is immediately obvious to the viewer, which means you get to fill in those blanks yourself!

They are also good for when you need help with the look of a character or setting. Finding a cool painting and just describing the given subject in an as entertaining a way as possible, can be a good crutch if you need help getting over a hard descriptive part of a story.


What artwork inspires you?

3 thoughts on “Writing Inspiration #1 – Art

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