One Thousand Words – Abridged


Back in January I decided I would try out a writing advice from the famous novelist Stephen King, who talks about how you should write a thousand words each day, and to not even worry about quality, and then go back to edit it later. The idea being to get words written down, damn quality or any other factors that are stopping you from writing.

I don’t think I will ever write that much each and every single day, as I always micro-manage and edit myself as I write, but I figured I would at least try it out for one post.

I have since written several posts which exceeded 1000 words organically, my current record being a 1263 word long post about King Kong, but back then I thought that I would never write a post that long without intentionally trying to.

But editing yourself down is almost as important as getting your ideas written out, so I always planned to go back to edit this at some point.

And here we are!


Much of the original post was about issues I have when writing, mainly concerning technical and language problems.

While I am not as bothered by these issues anymore, I still have to look up the occasional English word, and I still have to go back and fix the mistakes my auto-correct makes.

But some issues persist, like my struggle with writing middles.


The middle of any written work is often much harder for me to write than the beginning or end. It is often easiest to come up with the end, as there is probably a big fun crescendo I have been working up to. Sometimes the endpoint is actually what I came up with in the beginning, and the rest is just set-up I use to justify that finale.

And the beginning may not be easy, as setting up characters or the introduction to an article can be very hard to write, but at least that is stuff you know has to be there. With the start you know you have to get the ball rolling, even if that in itself can be very hard.

But the middle is harder. It has to be interesting, so the reader won’t stop reading. It has to move the work from the starting position to where you want it to end up. Beyond that, you could fill it with anything. That sounds good, but in some ways limitations are a blessing. Limitations are a guard rail, a trail to follow. If you can go anywhere, you are likely to go nowhere.

And at the end of a 450 word abridged version of this post, that is where we have ended up..


Check Your Spam!

spam folder pancakes

Most know that they should check their email spam-folder, but if you run a blog you also need to remember to check the spam-folder for your comments.

I just checked the folder for the first time in a month, and there were six comments from regular commenters, and apart from that there were only three actual spam comments.

I gave this post that title mostly so that I will be reminded to check each time I see it 😉


One of these comments was from the blogger petrel41, who invited me to take part in The Real Neat Blog Award.

Here are the questions, and my answers:


1. Where do most visits to your blog come from?

Reddit, and at the moment, one single post on Reddit, as I have over 6000 views on my Thanos post from there.

Reddit can be a good way to reach a big audience, but they will likely only read whatever is linked to before returning to Reddit. And you may have to withstand some snarky comments there, even when the post is generally upvoted.

Better to reach a returning audience. A few of them may return, so it could be worth it.


2. What is your favourite sport?



3. What has been a special moment for you so far in 2018?

I can’t say yet… :=)


4. What is your favourite quote?

There are so many! Maybe I’ll have to make a list for another time.

But I bet most of them would be attributed to Douglas Adams:

douglas adams quote


5. What was your favourite class when still at school?

Don’t think I had any. I did not like school.

The ones I am most happy with in retrospect are English and Norwegian (for writing), Religion (all types, inspiration for fiction) and History (inspiration for fiction).

And I’m glad I know basic math, don’t need more than that.


6. Anything you had wished to have learned earlier?

That I should write down the massive amount of ideas I have.

And ‘people skills’, so its good that I learned that first really.


7. What musical instrument have you tried to play?

I’ve probably tried a lot of them.

If I had recorded it all, I could have put them together into an orchestra of horribleness!




Now it’s your turn!

I won’t tag anyone, but anyone who reads this can feel free to take part by answering those same questions themself.

I’d love to hear from you if you do 🙂

A Case For Diversifying Content

diversify blog content

When I first started blogging, I read some advice that said I should find a niche, and stick with it. In fact, I have read a variation on that advice several times.


But by diversifying your writing, you get people with different interests talking to each other.

It can be interesting to hear about a subject from a person who don’t normally engage with the culture around that subject.

diverse brain content

And I am not just my photographies, my taste in movies, my fiction-writing, my past, or my cooking.

I am all of these things, and much more.


I write about all the things I love and care about; be it games, art, my girlfriend, food or music.

My niche is me.