Writing Inspiration #3 – Nature

Trolltunga Norway - Nature Writing Inspiration

In my last post I told you about how the Hamilton-song “Non Stop” shames me into writing. This time I want to write about the beauty and horror you can find in nature, when taking a hike.


Walking in nature is great for your creativity!

Even the glacier-hike I mentioned here before set my mind ablaze with ideas about the troll-kingdoms “probably” living under those mountains.


The nature part is the most important. Nature can seem random, in a way that the human mind is not good at accepting. So if we see a bush that looks like a face, we begin to imagine things. You can use this!

But physical activity in itself can do wonders for your mind, so if you can’t get out, you should at least do some squats or something.


Hikes often consists of a lot of silence, even when walking with other people. You will naturally begin to use this break from technological distraction, and fill your mind with all kinds of wonders.


It is that sweet-spot between potential boredom and spiritual fulfillment that is the perfect breeding-ground for great ideas!

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