One Year of Blogging

sindrelf flower one year of blogging

Tomorrow marks the first anniversary of when I published my very first blog post!

I have been posting three days a week for a year, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, resulting in a whopping 157 posts, including this one.


I am going to continue with this schedule out the month of October, but after that I might cut back, at least a little.

I have started working at a new location, and I hope to start posting my new comic here very soon, so those changes in my life is enough of a strain to make three posts each week difficult to accomplish.

I am glad I was able to stick with it for a year, and I feel some kinship to the musician Jonathan Coulton, in how he recorded one new song each week for a year for his Thing-A-Week project, even if that must have been considerably harder than what I have done.

quill and parchment

I would like to thank everyone who reads my posts.

It is heartening to see that my work is not wasted, so thank you!


I would also like to thank my girlfriend for being so cool about me spending a lot of time on this project, and for being my spellchecker.

She’s the best!

Old black vintage typewriter

Considering how I started my blog on Friday the 13th last year, I think it has been a rather successful venture.

I have written some things that I am very proud of, and I don’t think most of them would exist today if I hadn’t committed to a schedule.


If you would like to check out some of my better posts from this last year, I have gathered a few links here.

Enjoy 🙂


Sunshine Blogger Award 2: Electric Boogaloo


I would like to thank BeardedGamer82 for my second Sunshine Blogger Award!


These blogger awards work as a sort of chain-letter interview, with the recipients nominating a new group and asking new questions at the end of their own post.

While I did that for my first Sunshine Blogger Award, I have started to just leave participation open to anyone who would like to answer these same questions, as picking nominees and questions takes more out of me than writing the post itself.

That said, let’s get to answering! 😀



1. What is your goal for your blog? Do you feel you have met it yet?

I started the blog to build interest in a card game I made in the hope that I could eventually crowdfund it on Kickstarter, but I quickly put that project on ice.

My current plan is for this to be the main outlet and archive for my upcoming comic, and all other future projects I’ll have.

Since I have yet to launch any big projects like that here, I do not think I can say I have met my goals yet, but I have found value in blogging in itself, and I have started many smaller projects that are worth something to myself because of it.


2. If you were given a free all expenses paid trip, where would you go?

I genuinely don’t know.

I love travel, but my favorite place is sitting on the couch with my girlfriend.

I guess we would just try to find the most crazy expensive holiday possible, since that would be our only chance to ever experience it.


3. Last book you have read?

I read ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’ aloud for my girlfriend.

We read more adult fare separately, but it was kind of cosy reading a book from our childhood together.


4. Your favorite console of choice. PlayStation, Xbox , or Nintendo?

I started with a Nintendo 64, then got a Playstation 2, then a Xbox 360, then a Playstation 4, and now we also have a Switch and SNES.

I feel like I picked the best options for each generation.

At the moment we still have the PS3, PS4, Switch and the SNES, and I sometimes use a 3DS and my laptop and mobile for gaming.


5. Do you think Nintendo will ever just make games and skip producing consoles?

I feel like their pride will prevent this.

They see themselves as toy makers, not game producers.


6. With the success of the Switch do you think there is a market for a Xbox or PlayStation handheld?

Sure, if they are as good.


7. What’s the hardest thing about blogging to you?

I have put a scheadual of three posts each week on myself, each monday, wednesday and friday, and sometimes I am more tempted to skip a day than other times.

But I know that if i did not follow this schedule, I would never write, certanly not nearly as much as I have written because of it.

I have some great posts that would never have existed without that schedual, but probably some subpar ones aswell.


8. What is one movie you can watch over and over again?

Hot Fuzz – The Best Movie


9. Are you a cat or dog person?

I like cats more but, according to my girlfriend, I act more like a dog.

In that I am eager, easily exited and faithful, not in the derogatory way of calling someone a dog.


10. You just dived back into Pokémon Red/Blue. Who is your starting Pokémon?

Charmander, so that I can get Charizard! Dragon yo!

But Squirtle is a good bet aswell, I think that was my go-to when I was little. Blastoise is pretty cool, can’t beat that turtle/tank combo!

Poor Bulbasaur…  Still cute though 🙂


One Thousand Words – Abridged


Back in January I decided I would try out a writing advice from the famous novelist Stephen King, who talks about how you should write a thousand words each day, and to not even worry about quality, and then go back to edit it later. The idea being to get words written down, damn quality or any other factors that are stopping you from writing.

I don’t think I will ever write that much each and every single day, as I always micro-manage and edit myself as I write, but I figured I would at least try it out for one post.

I have since written several posts which exceeded 1000 words organically, my current record being a 1263 word long post about King Kong, but back then I thought that I would never write a post that long without intentionally trying to.

But editing yourself down is almost as important as getting your ideas written out, so I always planned to go back to edit this at some point.

And here we are!


Much of the original post was about issues I have when writing, mainly concerning technical and language problems.

While I am not as bothered by these issues anymore, I still have to look up the occasional English word, and I still have to go back and fix the mistakes my auto-correct makes.

But some issues persist, like my struggle with writing middles.


The middle of any written work is often much harder for me to write than the beginning or end. It is often easiest to come up with the end, as there is probably a big fun crescendo I have been working up to. Sometimes the endpoint is actually what I came up with in the beginning, and the rest is just set-up I use to justify that finale.

And the beginning may not be easy, as setting up characters or the introduction to an article can be very hard to write, but at least that is stuff you know has to be there. With the start you know you have to get the ball rolling, even if that in itself can be very hard.

But the middle is harder. It has to be interesting, so the reader won’t stop reading. It has to move the work from the starting position to where you want it to end up. Beyond that, you could fill it with anything. That sounds good, but in some ways limitations are a blessing. Limitations are a guard rail, a trail to follow. If you can go anywhere, you are likely to go nowhere.

And at the end of a 450 word abridged version of this post, that is where we have ended up..