My 5 Most Popular Blog Posts

As this is my 200th post on this blog, I want to take a look back at my most successful posts so far.

Here’s to the next 200!

5. Rudolph The Red Roast Reindeer

As this is a Christmas-themed recipe with an unusual main ingredient, I am not that surprised that this is one of my most viewed posts.

4. The Art of Theodor Kittelsen

I still think this is one of the best things I have ever written, so I am very glad it has stayed in the top 5 all this time.

3. The Dark Souls in Thor Ragnarok

I can’t be the only one to have noticed the similarities between Dark Souls and Thor Ragnarok, as every time a new Marvel movie is released, this post gets a bunch more readers coming in from search engines.

2. The Mystery Die

This post blew up on the archaeology subreddit last Christmas.

Going viral on Reddit really helps with the views.

1. Thanos the Abuser

I wrote this post about the villain of Avengers: Infinity War right after the film was released last year, and shared it on the Marvel subreddit.

It really blew up!

Seeking Your Audience

So you have written something.. Now what?

Now you have to find an audience to read it, and before you can find an audience, you have to seek it!


I often share my writing on different websites and social media, as I am not well known enough that I can expect an audience to come to me, so I have to come to the audience that would enjoy the content I put out.

I would like to share with you a few places I use for sharing different types of content:


If I have written something personal, I usually don’t share it anywhere else than my blog.


For visual stuff, like artwork or pictures, I share it on Imgur and on my Instagram.

Instagram requires building up a following, but images on Imgur will do well just as long as they are good.


I have set up my blog to auto-post on Twitter and my Facebook page, but these also require building a following to be effective sharing tools.



But my most effective sharing tool is Reddit!

This is mostly for content with a broad appeal, but there are many different subreddits for different topics, and in most cases you should be able to find the right place to share whatever you have created.

Keep in mind that Reddit does not like excessive self-promotion, so only one out of every ten things you share there should be self-promo.


But be warned, some Redditors are hellbent on making you feel miserable.

More of them are nice, even more are just silent, but negativity has a way of overpowering everything else.

I once got 6000 views on this post, as it got voted up at an overwhelming rate, but I still ended up feeling horrible as a result of the few people leaving negative comments in the Reddit thread.


I still use Reddit, but I have learned to temper my expectations, and expect negativity to be a byproduct of success.



Where do you share your creativity?


5 Weird Ways People Have Found My Blog

I like to check the stats for my website every now and then.

Besides checking where my visitors are from, checking how they found my blog is one of the most interesting stats.

Here are a few weird search terms that have been used on different search engines, and that have sent people to my webpage.

5. “amazon”

Apparently, WordPress does not always get all the info that they need from the search engines in order to give 100% accurate info to its users.

When the search term stats reports a hit from the search “amazon”, there was most likely more to that search than was reported, with “amazon” simply being part of the search.

So these were most likely searches for products to buy, that sent the searcher to me as a result of me writing about those products.

I also have 440 hits from search terms marked as “Unknown Search Terms”, again as a result of WordPress not having access to 100% of search term information.

4. “arthur webley dead”

I shared a clip from the comedy Hot Fuzz (the best movie ever) a while back.

The clip was about a character named Arthur Webley, and his impossible to understand “Queen’s English”, so I titled the post Arthur Webley’s English.

Then J.W. Martin mentioned the related film ‘Shaun of the Dead’ in the comments.

I don’t know if the person who searched for this knew someone named Arthur Webley, or if there is someone famous somewhere that is named that.

Either way, they must have been pretty confused when they found that video.

3. “does oslo snow alll the time”

This question led someone to this post about when I visited Oslo last winter.

This person found my blog just before summer, so they must have been packing for their holiday.

And the answer is “no”, it only snows in the winter.

2. “russ1968 video sex com”

The 60s-70s sexploitation-film director Russ Meyer, mainly known for Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill! and Beyond the Valley of the Dolls, had two films released in 1968 – Finders Keepers, Lovers Weepers! and Vixen!

Someone probably searched for a way to watch those films online, but instead they found a blog-post about a traditional Norwegian “Russ” graduation celebration.

At least I hope that is the case, and not some Norwegian old-timer looking for smut from their college days.

1. “rudolph the reindeer on a meat hook”

It is quite understandable that someone found my Rudolph The Red Roast Reindeer Recipe with that search, and by searching “how to roast rudolph”.

But it is still a pretty gruesome thing to search for, and I doubt that my post was enough to satisfy the searcher’s weird bloodlust.

Still, I am more worried about the person who found that post by searching “email ru;oph reindeer”.

I may have scarred someone for life..