Science Fiction Clickbait

Science Fiction Clickbait

Let’s write some funny articles based on science fiction clickbait headlines! šŸ˜€

A few months ago, I wrote a post where I listed a few funny fantasy themed article titles I had made with a clickbait generator.

I started off by writing an article based on one of the titles, and then asked you to write some posts based on the other titles.

I may not have gotten a huge amount of submissions, but the ones I did get where so incredibly good that I immediately wanted to make another clickbait post.

Don’t know what took me so long, but here we are!

If you write an article to go with any of these science fiction clickbait headlines, let me know, so that I can link to it.

Or if you can come up with other funny sci-fi headlines, Iā€™d love to read them too!

Here goes:

Why Space Pirates Suck

5 Last Minute Gift Ideas For Cyborgs

The Most Incredible Article About Gliese 3233 You Will Ever Read

4 Unusual Uses for Cyberspace

The History of The Great Multiversal Empire in Under 10 Minutes

5 Reasons You Can Blame The Recession on Time Travelers

The Beginner’s Guide to Befriending an Alien

6 Things The Media Hasn’t Told You About The Sentient Cosmic Force

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