The Monthly SindrElf Newsletter

The Monthly SindrElf Newsletter

In December of 2017, when my blog was just a few months young, I set up a Mailchimp email newsletter list.

Besides putting a link to a signup form in the header, I never marketed this.I never even linked to the signup form at the end of any of my articles.

As a result, I barely had any signups.

And as a result, I never actually got around to sending any newsletters.

That stops now!

From here on, I’m going to send out all the coolest stuff I have made during any given month.

These newsletters will be going out at the end of each month, or a bit out into the next one if when I forget to send them out on time.

I’ll send you links to my best articles, updates to my comic, new videos, and anything else I might create.

So now’s your chance, sign up for the newsletter below!

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