Tor Concept Art

Tor Concept Art

These are some early pieces of concept art for Tor, the Norse god of thunder, as he appears in Anubis: Dog of Death.

Most of you know him as Thor, and some of you probably assumed him to be an original Marvel comic book character.

In Norway we know him as Tor With The Hammer. An old viking god known to ride across the sky in a chariot pulled by his two goats, Tanngnjost and Tanngrisne.

‘Anubis: Dog of Death’ features many gods and religious figures from various faiths.

Most of these have been stripped of their power, and reduced to a diminished form of their own symbolism. Like how Anubis has become a tiny purse dog, instead of a massive humanoid jackal.

Tor has been reduces to “just some guy with a hammer”.

And when you’re just some guy with a hammer, your options are limited. So he started working as a carpenter for Jesus’ small construction firm.

Despite this, he is actually pretty happy with his new place in the world.

He had previously been much more diminished, having spent quite some time as an actual storm cloud. But certain comics and movies from the last few decades have made people more aware of Tor’s existence. Which has given him a small comeback of sorts. Allowing him to rise to his current heights of “some guy with a hammer”.

Which is why I asked John Barry Ballaran to draw him as a big, blond, muscular, heavy, jolly bear of a man. A guy who often jokes or makes fun of others in a friendly manner.

His luck has changed, and he’s making the best of it!

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