Anubis Concept Art

These are some early pieces of concept art for the main character of Anubis: Dog of Death.


In Ancient Egypt, people often associated Anubis with jackals, due to their penchant for scavenging the meat of corpses in the graveyards, so John made our Anubis look much more like a jackal than most representations of the god, with much more fur than the smooth obsidian look he is often portrayed with.


I’m a bit of a Corgi fan and noticed that they kind of look like shorter, cuter Jackals. It’s a nice contrast from his god form being much bigger than a normal human to him having short, stubby legs in dog form.

– John Barry Ballaran


We did not have to change much from the very first pieces of concept art for Anubis.

The most important change was the addition of great big bushy eyebrows!

Eyebrows on a dog may be unrealistic, but we decided to value expression over realism.

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