Chloe Concept Art

Chloe Concept Art

These are some early pieces of concept art for Chloe from Anubis: Dog of Death. Chloe is a Hollywood Hopeful, and Anubis’ new owner.

We went through a few different designs for Chloe’s outfit during the pre-planning stage of making the comic.

Chloe Concept Art

Here we wanted to try incorporating some Egyptian-style jewelry in her outfit.

This felt a bit too extravagant.

Chloe Concept Art

We then tried to instead incorporate the jewelry design into her shirt.

The idea being that she would always be wearing a lot of different elaborate shirts like this.

Her final outfit, the one you can see in the comic, changed a bit from how she was dressed in the concept art.

Her skirt has been replaced with some black yoga pants, and her shirt is back to a plain yellow. She’s also sporting a patterned headband, and her handbag is a bit less luxurious.

This look better reflects the character’s actual economic situation. But I do think she is living a bit beyond her means, so the concept art outfit may return a some later point.

My plan was always for Chloe to have a rotating wardrobe of different outfits, while cutting the same silhouette in all of them.

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