Jesus Concept Art

Jesus Concept Art
Artwork by John Barry Ballaran

These are some early pieces of concept art for Jesus as he appears inĀ Anubis: Dog of Death.

‘Anubis: Dog of Death’ features many gods and religious figures from various faiths.

Most of these have been stripped of their power, and reduced to a diminished form of their own symbolism. Like how Anubis has become a tiny purse dog, instead of a massive humanoid jackal.

The story-justification for this is that the gods have lost most of their believers. But Jesus still has a lot of believers, so I did not feel that I could diminish him too much.

And I also had to decide which aspects of his character I wanted to accentuate. I decided to focus on his upbringing as a carpenter, and his role as a leader. I was also inspired by how Christianity feels to me like one of the more uptight religions there is. So I decided to write Jesus that way too, while also making sure to portray him as a nice person.

I also felt that it was important that he looks like a man from Nazareth. Most depictions of Jesus makes him look very European, when he was actually from the Middle East.

In ‘Anubis: Dog of Death’, Jesus is also the owner of a small carpentry/construction business, where he employs the Norse god of thunder, Tor. This is another reason I wanted to make sure Jesus looked darker than in his usual depictions. It would be weird if the prophet from Nazareth was whiter than the god from Scandinavia.

The ‘JC LLC’ Logo

Artwork by John Barry Ballaran

The imagery of the logo is meant to convey the crucifixion of Jesus, his cross surrounded by other crosses, with a sunset in the background.

I think that Jesus honestly just wanted a logo with a hammer and some nails, and did not realize the connection.

You may think that ‘JC LLC’ stands for “Jesus Christ – Limited Liability Company”, but it is actually “Just Construction – Limited Liability Company”.

I also don’t think Jesus realized the JC / Jesus Christ connection.

It’s funnier that way, and I like the idea that he is a bit naive about certain things.

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