My Top 10 Christmas Movies

Here is a list of excellent movies to watch around Christmas.
Like with my Halloween movie list, how I rank them may change based on mood but this is where they landed in the hierarchy this time.


10. Elf (2003)

elf-1200x640Elf would probably be higher on the list if I had watched it more than I have, but it is really funny, so it deserves a spot.


9. Flåklypa Grand Prix (1975)

FlåklypaGrandPrix(English title: The Pinchcliffe Grand Prix)

This is a great film, but it is not really a Christmas film so it wound up back here on number nine. It has however been shown a lot on tv here in Norway around the holiday, so it is a Christmas film for me.

This stop motion animated classic about an inventor and his two animal buddies who enters a car-race, probably inspired the people behind Wallace and Gromit quite a bit.


8. Rise of the Guardians (2012)


Avengers – but with holidays. More a movie about all holidays than Christmas in particular, but both Santa and Jack Frost plays a big role in the movie, so I figured it fit on the list.


7. Tři oříšky pro Popelku (1973) – Norwegian dub

AYNRt-0Tgi5zyV-s6xypnAVHpm1o_ITrhCWqwjq978RQ(English title: Three Gifts for Cinderella)

A very sweet Czechoslovak/East German film.

But what really makes it stand out is the Norwegian dubbing.

One guy does it all! And there are A LOT of characters in this. Even if you don’t understand Norwegian, you need to hear this!


6. Home Alone (1990)


Obviously this is on the list. If you have not seen Home Alone by now, WHY?


5. Reisen til Julestjernen (1976)


(English title: Journey To The Christmas Star)

A very sweet norwegian movie with Shaksperian villains, circus troupes, singing, witches and gnomes.

If you can find this with subtitles, it is really worth a look.


4. Gremlins


A horror-movie so chockfull of Christmas-spirit, that it just comes across as sweet.

For the most part 😉


“Hey SindrElf, where’s Die Hard?”

*Australian accent* That ain’t a Christmas movie…

3. Iron Man 3 (2013)


THIS is a Christmas movie! */Australian accent*

And why did they put out a Christmas movie in April?

Because the director always makes Christmas movies!


2. Christmas Story (1983)


This film could just as well have been called “Childhood Nostalgia – The Movie”.

If you have not seen it yet, get to it!


1. Arthur Christmas (2011)


This is a sweet funny story from Aardman Animations about how new wisdom and old wisdom needs to meet at the middle to achieve the best result.


Hope you’ll find some new favorites among these films 🙂

But what is your current favorite Christmas movie? Comment bellow!

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7 thoughts on “My Top 10 Christmas Movies

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  1. Some great titles here – many of my faves are on your list.

    Thanks for recommending the European titles on your list. I’ve never heard of any of them, and they all sound good. (Although the one with the Norwegian dubbing sounds a bit manic!) I’m really keen to see “The Pinchcliffe Grand Prix” first. I love stop-motion animation!

    1. Pinchcliffe is a classic here in Norway.
      There are even two quite good newer ones (with new puppets) made in the 2010s.
      But the ’75 one will always be most loved.

      I would love to hear what you think once you see it 🙂
      I hope not too much of the comedy gets lost in translation.

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