Curating My Own Facebook Photos

I have recently started curating my own Facebook photos for mass consumption.

It started while I was looking over some of the albums I had there, and I realised that I had some cool stuff.

Sure, it needed some cleaning up. Family and friends who probably don’t want to be plastered all over the internet. A few pictures that looked very similar to each other. Some pics that was not nearly as good as I thought when I first uploaded them. But on the whole; some really nice images.

So I have started uploading curated albums to Imgur. Only this one at the moment, but I have at least one for London 2008 and a massive amount of pictures to look over for my month-long 2010 InterRail-trip.

Those curated albums will show up in full on Imgur, but I will probably use some of the images from them to tell the stories behind them in blog-form here (maybe with the full Imgur album linked at the end).

Here is the first one with some cool nature shots I took while vacationing around Norway back in 2008!

Norway 2008



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Blog Update: & MORE!

I have a little list of some cool stuff I want to share with you 🙂


First off! I upgraded my WordPress plan, so that I now have a custom URL!

I have been blogging for almost two months now, and I don’t feel any urge to quit. I still have so many ideas and plans I have not gotten to post yet.

So given that, and the fact that it only cost $4 a month, I jumped in!


Secondly! I decided on a logo for SindrElf’s monthly GEEKY RECIPE.

A few people voted on the poll, and I also asked the people on the logodesign subreddit, and some” irl-people aswell. The consensus seemed to be that my little SindrElf doodle wearing a chefs-hat was the best option.


Thirdly! I improved the header for the Fireballx3 page.

I was just not happy with the first header. I had just put three Fireball-cards in a line so they would spell Fireball-Fireball-Fireball. Did not look great.

The new header is at least a bit 

funny 😉

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The Scrooge McDuck Origin Story

Have you ever wondered about the Scrooge McDuck origin story?

About how he became the character we know and love today?

Let me fill you in a little!


I’m writing this while standing in a line to meet the writer and artist of my all-time favorite comic book series “The Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck“.

His name is Keno Don Hugo Rosa, but is known simply as Don Rosa. Despite sounding like a hardened mafia-boss, he is actually a very nice Kentucky gentleman.

A lot of his work featuring the Duck family bases on work done by Carl Barks, who created Scrooge to begin with in 1947. Barks and Rosa created most of the “lore” surrounding Duckburg’s characters between them.

During Don Rosa’s career he created a timeline for Scrooges life, from his birth in 1867 to his death in 1967. (Also of note; Donald Duck is 27 in the first story they share. Feeling old now, I never imagined I would ever be the same age as Donald when I was reading these stories as a kid.)

The Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck is a “coming to America”-story, a “rags to riches”-story, an action/adventure comedy, a western, a period drama, and so much more! It even has a (voodoo) zombie! That the story has not yet been adapted as a feature-length animated Disney movie is beyond me.

And the art is amazing! Don Rosa has claimed that he does not think the artwork itself is good, only that

the details are entertaining.

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Philharmonic Space Orchestra

I just got back from watching the Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra perform sci-fi music in the Grieghallen concert hall.


The swedish film-critic Orvar Säfström made the setlist, and what a setlist it was! Star Wars, Serenity, Aliens, just to mention a few!

I actually teared up a bit from the Halo 2 piece


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The Dark Souls in Thor Ragnarok

When I watched Thor Ragnarok at the cinema this weekend, I noticed some things that reminded me very much of the Dark Souls video game series. But how many of the similarities were actually inspired by Dark Souls, and how many were just derived from the same sources that Dark Souls had originally drawn from?

There are a few that we can just throw out immediately, just for being so common that you find them in most fantasy-adjacent fare. Dragons, lightning magic, undead warriors, the domain of the gods and giants are all part of this category.


The first similar thing that is not super common, is a giant wolf.

In this case, both the movie and the game has taken something from Norse mythology.

The giant Fenris Wolf is one of Loki and Angerboda’s children, Hel and The Midgard Serpent being the other two. Fenris is said to be set free from its chains during Ragnarok (Norse Armageddon), so that is pretty much why it was in the movie.

The giant wolf in Dark Souls (a game about the cyclical dying and rebirth of the world) is named Sif after the Norse goddess, so it seems clear that it is also drawn from Norse mythology.


The more interesting similarity is Thor’s Eternal Flame and Dark Souls’s First Flame.

I could find nothing quite like these flames in Norse myths, and the closest religious connection I could find is from Jewish traditions (and only in name).

The origin of these two flames are quite different, but they have some similar properties. For one they are both

important for the fate of the worlds they inhabit.

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