Curating My Own Facebook Photos


I have recently started curating my own Facebook photos for mass consumption.

It started while I was looking over some of the albums I had there, and I realised that I had some cool stuff.

Sure, it needed some cleaning up. Family and friends who probably don’t want to be plastered all over the internet. A few pictures that looked very similar to each other. Some pics that was not nearly as good as I thought when I first uploaded them. But on the whole; some really nice images.

So I have started uploading curated albums to Imgur. Only this one at the moment, but I have at least one for London 2008 and a massive amount of pictures to look over for my month-long 2010 InterRail-trip.

Those curated albums will show up in full on Imgur, but I will probably use some of the images from them to tell the stories behind them in blog-form here (maybe with the full Imgur album linked at the end).

Here is the first one with some cool nature shots I took while vacationing around Norway back in 2008!

Norway 2008


Do you have some old pictures you could curate for the internet?

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