Happy Halloween! (sligthly early)

I will be staying at home with my girlfriend (not pictured) to watch a bunch of movies. Probably a lot of the ones from my Top 10 Halloween Movies list. And the plan is to eat chicken this year, not smalahove. How are you spending the holiday?

My Top 10 Halloween Movies

Here's a list of excellent movies to watch around Halloween. How I rank them may change based on mood, but this is where they landed in the hierarchy this time. Keep in mind that this is a 'Best Halloween Movies' list, not a 'Best Horror Movies' list. Movies that would be high on that list may not... Continue Reading →

Hot Fuzz – The Best Movie

My favorite movie is Hot Fuzz, the second film in director Edgard Wright's Cornetto Trilogy. The movies in the Cornetto Trilogy are not linked by plot, but rather by vision. To simplify it greatly; they are all comedy send-offs of other movie genres, and they all star Simon Pegg and Nick Frost (along with lots of actors in... Continue Reading →

Norwegian “Halloween Food”

Halloween is getting closer so I thought I would help out anyone who needs help planning food for their Halloween party. This is a Smalahove, usually served with boiled potatoes and rutabaga mash and often consumed with alcohol (akvavit or beer). As you may see, a Smalahove is half a sheep's head which has been smoked and then... Continue Reading →


Just a few hours after I posted my first blog post I also received my first phishing email. It was a receit from Apple App Store for an in-app purchase of 1,000 diamonds in the mobile game Mobile Legends Bang Bang (at first I thought it was porn). But here is the crazy part: I do... Continue Reading →

First post!

Ok, now I have spent way too much time on the layout of this blog! Time to just jump into it before I drive myself crazy with my nitpicking! I started this blog on the recommendation of Jamey Stegmaier. I have several projects going on that I at some point want to try to get... Continue Reading →

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