Hot Fuzz – The Best Movie

My favorite movie is Hot Fuzz, the second film in director Edgard Wright‘s Cornetto Trilogy.

The movies in the Cornetto Trilogy are not linked by plot, but rather by vision. To simplify it greatly; they are all comedy send-offs of other movie genres, and they all star

Simon Pegg and Nick Frost

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Just a few hours after I posted my first blog post I also received my first phishing email.

It was a receit from Apple App Store for an in-app purchase of 1,000 diamonds in the mobile game Mobile Legends Bang Bang (at first I thought it was porn). But here is the crazy part: I do not own any Apple products! *whooooo**creepy-ghost-sounds*

The email contained a link for people who had questions about the “transaction”, and they obviously wanted people to freak out and reply before giving “Support” their personal information. I just called the actual Apple Support and they requested that I forward the e-mail to them so that they could take actions against the scammers. Pretty well handled of them, I must say.

I do sort of wish that I had replied to the email and messed with them a little bit. God bless James Veitch for what he does!

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First post!

Ok, now I have spent way too much time on the layout of this blog! Time to just jump into it before I drive myself crazy with my nitpicking!

I started this blog on the recommendation of Jamey Stegmaier. I have several projects going on that I at some point want to try to get kickstarted. One project in particular, this card game, has gotten so close to completion that we pretty much can’t do much more with it before I get it kickstarted.

So I sat out to learn!

A very helpful Board Game Geek patron pointed me towards Jamey Stegmaier,

a successful game maker, kickstarter guru and devout blogger.

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