A Fence – the only thing between me and my holiday

Today, not so long ago, I imprisoned myself at work.

I was working a bit late because I was wrapping stuff up before a two-week holiday, making things ready for my substitute. When I left, I left my keycard so that she would have an easy time getting in to work in the mornings after the first day.

Then I went out the front door, heard it lock itself behind me, and suddenly realised I was stuck.

There is a giant spiked fence around my workplace. Normally this is not a problem, as the huge car-gate is open to as late as 17:00. Now it was 17:10. No problem; the gate can be opened with a keycard.


I started walking around the building looking for someone who could let me out. It seemed totally abandoned, probably due to it being late on a friday. There were a few cars littered about the place, but they could easily have been work-cars not used on weekends.

So I started walking the fence, probing it for weaknesses. There was one place where a pretty tall car was parked close to the fence, but I wanted to avoid dirtying up someones car if at all possible. It was raining.

Another place the fence was a bit lower, and there was a wheeled trash-container I could stand on. But the fence was so wobbly there, I was afraid it would collapse under me as I attempted to jump it.

Finally, at the last corner, I found a place where the fence had a metal bar at an angle that I could climb. I avoided slipping on the rain, jumped the fence, and was free!

As I started walking down the road, a car pulled out of the gate.


Now I’m at home, writing this, about to start making some organic burgers with baked sweet potatoes.

How was your day?

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