phishing.jpgJust a few hours after I posted my first blog post I also received my first phishing email.

It was a receit from Apple App Store for an in-app purchase of 1,000 diamonds in the mobile game Mobile Legends Bang Bang (at first I thought it was porn). But here is the crazy part: I do not own any Apple products! *whooooo**creepy-ghost-sounds*

The email contained a link for people who had questions about the “transaction”, and they obviously wanted people to freak out and reply before giving “Support” their personal information. I just called the actual Apple Support and they requested that I forward the e-mail to them so that they could take actions against the scammers. Pretty well handled of them, I must say.

I do sort of wish that I had replied to the email and messed with them a little bit. God bless James Veitch for what he does!

Have you received a lot of phishing or other types of scam emails? What do you usually do about it? Do you have any ideas of a Veitchian way you could deal with them?

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