Philharmonic Space Orchestra


I just got back from watching the Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra perform sci-fi music in the Grieghallen concert hall.


The swedish film-critic Orvar Säfström made the setlist, and what a setlist it was! Star Wars, Serenity, Aliens, just to mention a few!

I actually teared up a bit from the Halo 2 piece Unforgotten. The title of that piece is quite ironic for me now, as I had forgotten it until I heard it tonight. It was one of the highlights of the evening for me.


I usually don’t attend these sorts of concerts, but this was something I could not miss.

The orchestra really hit it out of the park with their performance.

Orvar introduced each piece with short interesting and funny bits of information, and the conductor Tung-Chieh Chuang was a joy to behold!

They even had a theremin player for two pieces. His name was Ingar Ben. “The Therminator” Nordby, and had a sort of concert pianist vibe to him. Great fun!


If you could pick one film score you could watch be performed live, which would you pick?

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