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I’m continuing with my project of curating my own facebook photos.

We are still in 2008, but this time the subject is a mountain hiking vacation I spent with my mother’s side of my family in the Norwegian mountain-range Jotunheimen.

My grandmother loves walking in the mountains, so it was there she wanted to celebrate her birthday in ’08.


We stayed at the hotel Leirvassbu. That location had been used to film the 2006 Norwegian horror movie Cold Prey just two years prior, and we watched that there one night.

One day I, my uncle, his dog and my cousin joined up with a group that were going on a hike far up in the mountains, to a glacier.


This was just prior to my year in the military, and I must have been at the most unhealthy spot I have ever been this far in my life. I weighed almost 100 kg.

But I felt I could not miss that experience, so I joined up.


The climb was steep, but I got some really cool pictures.


Just a little before we reached the top of the mountain we were hiking up, I just could not keep going any further.


I was too cold and tired to keep climbing, so I let the rest of the group continue while I rested there for 20 minutes.


I may not have reached the tippy-top of the mountain, but coming down I still felt great for having managed what I did.

And now, writing this, I feel even more great.

Because I know that if this were this year, I would absolutely get to the top!




Here’s the entire album 🙂

Hiking in Jotunheimen 2008

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