Kittelsen’s Christmas Creations


By “creations” I mean paintings. Sorry, I had a k/c-thing going..

Here are some wonderful winter works (again, sorry) by my favorite artist, Theodor Kittelsen.

l_7aeb7690-8615-11e6-9850-65f8d4d00024tumblr_m35f6hnER21qgb9q3o1_500w=540,h=360nissen(1)stjernenatt1lysalver-fanger-skyggetussen(1)_jpg!HalfHDfugl-i-gran-med-snob5428-theodor2bkittelsen2b-2bdans2bi2bmaaneglans2b28dance2bin2bthe2bmoonbeam29christmas-troll-juletroll-1907Groundwork tomtegruvan, 1907



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