Anubis vs Beerus

Anubis vs Beerus

Here’s a mock-up of Anubis and Beerus, the god of death and the god of destruction.

When I first started promoting my comic Anubis: Dog of Death at the end of October last year, I got an interesting comment on Instagram.

The commenter felt that our Anubis (in his god form) looked a lot like the Dragon Ball Super villain Beerus.

I Googled him, and sure enough, there were a lot of similarities there.

Since neither me nor the artist had watched either Dragon Ball Super or Dragon Ball Z, this surprised us.

The biggest similarity is the purple fur.

We went with that color for our main character so that he would stand out. He is a cool color in a palette of mostly warm colors.

I can only assume that is why Beerus is purple aswell.

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