5 Raunchy NSP Songs

5 NSFW NSP Songs

The comedy band Ninja Sex Party are juvenile as a rule, but these five songs are some of their most explicit.

Prudes beware!


You Can Do Us

NSP rocks up at the Annual Women’s Appreciation Buffet, where they attempt to inspire the attendees to achieve their goals.

To have sex with them.


Three Minutes Of Ecstasy

Danny Sexbang boasts about his sexual prowess.

It is all very impressive.


Why I Cry

Do you like sensitive men?

Danny Sexbang is the most sensitive man in the gosh darn world!


Road Trip

Danny almost falls in love, but instead travels across the world to bone everything in sight.


Orgy For One

No one showed up for Danny’s orgy, but that ain’t gonna stop him!




Ninja Brian is also hanging around in these videos.

But pay him no mind, and maybe he will let us live.


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      1. Lol,he is…..I might have a crash on him……..Steve(Carrell) will be devastated he will have to share my attentions😂😂😂

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