Cthulhu Pasta

Cthulhu Pasta

For this months geeky recipe I decided I would cook the cosmic horror known as Cthulhu.


That is not dish which can eternal lie, and after strange aeons even death may dine.


The Recipe

Serves three Innsmouthians.



1. Tenderise 300 grams of octopus, either by beating the crap out of it, or by freezing and thawing it.

Chop it in pieces and boil it until it is tender, for about 20 to 45 minutes.

Or just buy it tinned.


2. Make octopus ragù.

octopus ragu

You can do this by using a normal bolognaise recipe, but exchange the meat with octopus.


3. Boil 250 grams of fresh tagliatelle pasta.

During the last few minutes of boiling, add 120 grams of chopped kale.

It is possible to replace the kale with seaweed.


4. Fry up 130 grams of diced smoked bacon.

diced smoked bacon


5. Plate up, and add a few cherry tomato halves and a bit of grated parmigiano on top.

Cthulhu Pasta 2


In his sauce of R’agù, dead Cthulhu waits dreaming.

Pha’stha v’ith Cthulhu R’lyeh gh’ood fhlwha!


‘Danny Don’t You Know’ hits me right in the feels!

nsp ninja sex party danny don't you know you are finn wolfhardI tried my best to contain my NSP fanaticism to my Music Monday posts, but then Ninja Sex Party went ahead and launched an amazing new song that I just can’t help but write about today.

Damn it!

The music video stars Finn Wolfhard of ‘Stranger Things’ fame.

He plays the role of a young Danny Sexbang, before he found himself.


The song depicts Danny going back in time with Ninja Brian, to show a sad young Danny where he is going to end up.

As a beloved rockstar!

nsp ninja sex party danny don't you know bohemian rhapsody by queen

The video also features Doctor Sung, Havve Hogan, Lord Phobos and Commander Meouch, members of the Canadian synthwave band ‘Tupper Ware Remix Party’.

TWRP has been acting as NSP’s backing band for a few years now, in addition to making their own music.

nsp ninja sex party danny don't you know that arin hanson is your one game grumps friend

It also features Arin Hanson as Danny’s one friend.

Arin and Danny are the two main hosts of the video game let’s play show ‘Game Grumps’ on YouTube, and together with Brian Wecht they form another band, ‘Starbomb’, which I will cover here at a later date.


The let’s player Markiplier also shows up, as a centaur.

nsp ninja sex party danny don't you know that fill wolfhard is on a markiplier centaur

This is the most serious song NSP has ever released, but it still has some good jokes peppered in there.

And it also has the best looking music video they have ever made, with stunning visuals.

Everyone who worked on it should be extremely proud!

nsp ninja sex party danny don't you know that you have danny sexbang in your eye

This song speaks so much to me!

I wish I could go back in time, to let myself know that I didn’t need to worry.

To let myself know that I would end up being very happy with my life, and with myself.

That I didn’t need to internally obsess about not having a girlfriend, because I now know that I ended up with the best girl in the world.

And that I did not need to feel self-conscious about being weird, because that weirdness is what fuels my creativity and happiness today.

nsp ninja sex party danny don't you know you are a star tonight


The Saga of Ninja Brian

ninja brian

While Brian Wecht is just a simple theoretical physicist turned musician, his alter ego Ninja Brian is far more interesting.


After a life of murder and mayhem, Ninja Brian met the illustrious Danny Sexbang, and the two formed the band Ninja Sex Party.

Ninja Brian filled the role of the straight-laced pragmatic, to Danny’s hopeless romantic.


This clashing of personalities often led to comedic disagreements, in classic sitcom fashion.


While exceptional by himself, Ninja Brian quickly took the role of sidekick to Danny, due to Danny’s clear superiority.


NSP may be the greatest thing to ever grace the surface of this planet, but they know that even they could improve.


If you ever worry about how your life is going, think of Brian and rejoice.

For at least he has not killed you, yet.


To finish up, in the spirit of Ninja Brian:

ninja brian