The Saga of Ninja Brian

ninja brian

While Brian Wecht is just a simple theoretical physicist turned musician, his alter ego Ninja Brian is far more interesting.


After a life of murder and mayhem, Ninja Brian met the illustrious Danny Sexbang, and the two formed the band Ninja Sex Party.

Brian filled the role of the straight-laced pragmatic, to Danny’s hopeless romantic.


This clashing of personalities often led to comedic disagreements, in classic sitcom fashion.


While exceptional by himself, Brian quickly took the role of sidekick to Danny, due to Danny’s clear superiority.


NSP may be the greatest thing to ever grace the surface of this planet, but they know that even they could improve.


If you ever worry about how your life is going, think of Brian and rejoice.

For at least he has not killed you, yet.


To finish up, in the spirit of Ninja Brian:

ninja brian

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    1. Glad you found it funny 🙂
      I was a bit worried that these music posts were mostly for my own enjoyment 😛

      Let’s just hope that Ninja Brian don’t find out that we are laughing at him…

      1. I loved it ,like your sense of humor…..and if ninja Brian ever finds out about our big giggling let’s just say we are laughing with him not about him and let’s hope he ll fall for it😜

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