InterRail 2010 – Part 3: Köln

After exploring Berlin, I moved on towards Amsterdam, and to get there I had to travel via Köln, also known as Cologne. . There was a lot of time to kill in between the train from Berlin and the train to Amsterdam, so I decided to check out the Kölner Dom, the Cologne Cathedral. Mostly due to... Continue Reading →

The Comedy Song Debacle

Six years ago, on my first date with my girlfriend, she asked me a question. "What kind of music do you listen to?"   This is a really simple question for most people, but not for me. You see, I am not that into music. I mean, I do really enjoy music, but I don't have that... Continue Reading →


Years ago, I was enjoying my regular stroll though my local shopping-mall, when I suddenly saw it. A Winnie-the-Pooh kiddie ride!   I had never seen it there before. As I approached it, an ominous feeling crept up my spine. The air was filled with the otherworldly scent of rotten honey, and as we all know, honey doesn't spoil. Naturally,... Continue Reading →

The Aging Tyranny I am attending the funeral of my grandfather the day this post is released, so I scheduled a post last Friday so that there would be something new here this Wednesday. These are a few videos about how we should, and eventually could, cure aging.   The video above, 'The Fable of the Dragon-Tyrant', uses a kingdom's acceptance... Continue Reading →

McDuck Breast

For this month's geeky recipe, I decided to make a dish based on Disney's Scrooge McDuck! I have previously expressed my love for the Scottish trillionair duck's comic books here, but what is even better than reading about Donald Duck's uncle, is eating him!   For when the people have nothing more to eat, they will eat... Continue Reading →

Norwegian Patriot

Yesterday was the Norwegian Constitution Day, so I figured I would write a bit about how I feel about Norway. While not being very vocal about it, I do feel patriotic about Norway. And to be clear, when I say patriotic, that is what I mean, not nationalistic. I do not think Norway or Norwegians... Continue Reading →

Norwegian Russ Celebration

The Russ Celebration in Norway is in many ways like the American Spring Break, with many partaking in an excess of sex, alcohol and silliness. It is a weeks long graduation celebration by Norwegian upper secondary schoolers, taking place in May of every year. The pupils who partake in this celebration are called "russ". They traditionally wear... Continue Reading →

This Is Norway We are closing in on the 17th of May, the Norwegian Constitution Day, so I figured it was time to remind everyone what it is we are celebrating. This video is from 2007, but it is as true now as it ever was.   Now, if you'll excuse me, I'll go to eat some fish and potatoes.  

Brady Haran – South Pole Explorer

Doctor Brady Haran had done many great things before conquering the South Pole. He had started countless educational YouTube-channels, made the worlds best podcast Hello Internet with his robot pal CGP Grey, received an honorary doctorate and climbed Mount Everest!   As an avid admirer of Captain Robert Falcon Scott, Doctor Haran knew that he would be... Continue Reading →

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