InterRail 2010 – Part 3: Köln

1 Køln 2

After exploring Berlin, I moved on towards Amsterdam.

To get there I had to travel via Köln, also known as Cologne.


There was a lot of time to kill in between the train from Berlin and the train to Amsterdam, so I decided to check out the Kölner Dom, the Cologne Cathedral.

Mostly due to its vicinity to the train station, and its striking look.


Like a lot of the great architecture I have seen, the cathedral was under maintenance when I was there.

But not so much that I could not appreciate its grandeur.

1 Køln

After taking a lot of pictures, that turned out to be way too dark to see anything clearly, I headed for a nearby cafe.

By the time I had sated my appetite, it was time to jump on the next train!




In the next part; My first night in Amsterdam.


The Comedy Song Debacle

music notes

Six years ago, on my first date with my girlfriend, she asked me a question.

“What kind of music do you listen to?”


This is a really simple question for most people, but not for me.

You see, I am not that into music.


I mean, I do really enjoy music, but I don’t have that many serious musicians that I listen to.

It is mostly comedy bands, and stuff like Miracle of Sound that has a lot of references to popular culture in it.

I am a bigger fan of comedy than I am of music.


My date was however, unbeknownst to me, incredibly into music.

In fact, she thought at the time that your favorite songs and artists said a great deal about your personality.

So, even if she did not consciously intend it to be, this question was a test!


I was racking my mind, trying to think of a band.

Then I remembered, The Lonely Island!

the lonely island

This trio of comedians often parodied radio music in the late 00s and early 10s, and as this was 2012 they were still fairly active.

Their songs often featured massively popular musicians and was frontlined by Andy Samberg, who would later star in ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’.

Thinking back, they were probably never on the top of my favorites list, but they were the best I could think of on that date.


I was shocked to hear that she had never heard of them, and recommended that she should listen to the song that featured Micheal Bolton, or the song that featured Akon.

What I did not know was that she was not very into the hip-hop and R&B music that The Lonely Island were parodying, and was more into musicians like David Bowie or Muse.

And I had forgotten to specify that The Lonely Island was not meant to be taken seriously.


Later, when she sat down to listen to the sort of music I had said I liked, this is what she saw:


She saw that, didn’t realise it was a joke, and turned it off in anger.

It’s a wonder we are still together.


We later found out that we both love ‘Flight of the Conchords’, and she has since introduced me to many good serious artists.




I am planing to feature a lot of these silly artists I like, in a blog-series that I am going to call Music Monday.

I don’t think every monday will have music, but a bunch of them will.


Feel free to join in and post links to blogs about (or videos of) songs you like in the comments of my Music Monday posts!

Looking forward to reading and listening 🙂



winnie the pooh kiddie ride

Years ago, I was enjoying my regular stroll though my local shopping-mall, when I suddenly saw it.

A Winnie-the-Pooh kiddie ride!


I had never seen it there before.

As I approached it, an ominous feeling crept up my spine. The air was filled with the otherworldly scent of rotten honey, and as we all know, honey doesn’t spoil.

Naturally, I jumped on!


I enjoyed a few moments of unaware bliss before it happened.

It seemed like a rift in the fabric of reality had opened, as the plastic ‘willy, nilly silly old bear’ was transformed into a living monstrous beast that was trying to kill me!


winnie the bear doom


I just barely avoided getting mauled, as I backed away from the bear’s swinging claws, and smacked my back on the floor.

When I looked up, the bear was gone, and Winnie was back.

But I did notice a smudge of something red around his mouth, something I had not seen from the side that I approached from.


I got out of there in a hurry, but returned once I had calmed myself.

The kiddie ride was gone.


I have never seen it since, and I hope no-one else have either..






Thanks to Rekuna on the photoshopbattles subreddit for photoshopping the picture.