The Mystery Die

Not long ago, archeologists in Bergen (Norway) discovered a special die from 1276. It is a normal six-sided die, but the numbers are not the normal 1 to 6. Instead it sports a three, two fours, two fives and a six. Archeologists immediately assumed the die had been used for cheating, and therefore, so did... Continue Reading →

Check Your Spam!

Most know that they should check their email spam-folder, but if you run a blog you also need to remember to check the spam-folder for your comments. I just checked the folder for the first time in a month, and there were six comments from regular commenters, and apart from that there were only three actual spam comments.... Continue Reading →

My Cabin Trip to The Planet Hoth

In 1997 I, my younger sister, my father and my mother all stayed at a cabin in Finse, a small mountain village in Hordaland county, Norway. Only eighteen years earlier, director George Lucas had used this area to film the outdoor scenes for the ice planet Hoth, featured in the fantastic movie 'Star Wars: The Empire Strikes back'.... Continue Reading →

The Russo Brothers’ Community

I have been writing a lot about The Marvel Cinematic Universe lately, and some of the movies that I have poured the most praise on have been 'Captain America: Civil War' and 'Avengers: Infinity War'. These two movies, alongside 'Captain America: The Winter Soldier' and the next 2019 Avengers film, were all directed by Anthony and Joseph Russo.   While... Continue Reading →

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