winnie the pooh kiddie ride

Years ago, I was enjoying my regular stroll though my local shopping-mall, when I suddenly saw it.

A Winnie-the-Pooh kiddie ride!


I had never seen it there before.

As I approached it, an ominous feeling crept up my spine. The air was filled with the otherworldly scent of rotten honey, and as we all know, honey doesn’t spoil.

Naturally, I jumped on!


I enjoyed a few moments of unaware bliss before it happened.

It seemed like a rift in the fabric of reality had opened, as the plastic ‘willy, nilly silly old bear’ was transformed into a living monstrous beast that was trying to kill me!


winnie the bear doom


I just barely avoided getting mauled, as I backed away from the bear’s swinging claws, and smacked my back on the floor.

When I looked up, the bear was gone, and Winnie was back.

But I did notice a smudge of something red around his mouth, something I had not seen from the side that I approached from.


I got out of there in a hurry, but returned once I had calmed myself.

The kiddie ride was gone.


I have never seen it since, and I hope no-one else have either..






Thanks to Rekuna on the photoshopbattles subreddit for photoshopping the picture.

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    1. Thanks 😀
      I’m glad I have a posting schedule, or I would not have written anything today!

    1. Thanks 🙂
      I actually just wanted to post those two images, but “someone photoshopped my picture” was not much of a story, so I invented a new one.

    1. Rekuna did a good job 🙂
      I did not know what would be altered before I saw it, so it was pretty funny to me 😛

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