Brady Haran – South Pole Explorer

South Pole Explorer Doctor Brady Haran Flying the Nail And Gear

Doctor Brady Haran had done many great things before conquering the South Pole.

He had started countless educational YouTube-channels, made the worlds best podcast Hello Internet with his robot pal CGP Grey, received an honorary doctorate and climbed Mount Everest!


As an avid admirer of Captain Robert Falcon Scott, Doctor Haran knew that he would be following in some big footsteps.


Doctor Haran knew that to reach his destination, he would have to choose the best of companions:

His wife, and a cruise ship of tourists!


In all seriousness, the above video is lovely!

It may be long, but I would urge you to sit down comfortably and take the time to enjoy it.


The Unmade Podcast usually revolves around Brady and his co-host Tim Hein talking about different ideas for podcasts that they could, but won’t, make.

This episode is different, as it is more of a travel documentary, with audio intercut with video and pictures that Brady took during the trip.


I have been wanting to share that video here since I saw it two weeks ago, so I hope you give it a shot.

I think you will enjoy it 🙂